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Lymphatic Face Massage Benefits: How To Do It At Home, Which Ingredients and Tools To Use

Do you feel like you’ve tried absolutely everything for your skin but it’s still not at its peak? It may be ‘okay’, but you know that your skin is capable of just a bit more. It truly deserves to thrive and glow.

After all, you’ve got all the organic and clean skincare the magazines say you need, you make sure you hydrate sufficiently throughout the day, your diet is on the healthier side, and you get your 10k steps in daily!

So, what gives?! Why is your skin still not cooperating? 

When you’ve reached the point where you feel like you’re doing everything right, there may be just one thing you’re overlooking.

“Tell me, tell me!” we feel you screaming on the other end of the screen!

What we’re talking about is a lymphatic face massage.

This massage could be the answer you’re looking for and, in this article, we’re going to delve way deeper into why you need to consider this specific type of massage as part of your skin care routine, how to do it yourself, which skin care tools may assist you, and which ingredients are best to use when performing the ritual. 

Why does your skin need lymphatic massage?

Lymphatic face massages sound complicated and maybe even scary, but really… they’re a lot simpler than you might think. But before we get into how to actually perform this massage on yourself, it’s good to know why it’s so important in the first place. 

Performing a lymphatic massage involves using a combination of specific motions on various pressure points on the face to help drain any excess fluid. This build-up of fluid may contribute to all sorts of skin conditions or problems that you can’t quite explain. Puffiness, dryness, skin sensitivity, sagging skin, dullness, and even acne may be as a result of this excess fluid build-up!

Your lymphatic system contains tissues, organs, and other vessels to aid your body in delivering useful nutrients where they’re needed, balancing the fluid levels, preventing infections, and removing unwanted toxins. Lymph is the fluid which helps all the above work in perfect order, and in keeping your overall health and immune system in peak shape. Unlike the circulatory system (which mirrors the lymphatic system), however, lymph doesn’t have its own “pump” to move around all this good (and bad) stuff vital to your body functioning as healthily as it should. This is where lymphatic massage is useful!

Here’s what’s even more important to note about lymphatic face massage…

The highest concentration of lymph nodes are in your face and your neck! So, massaging this area can not only help in the preventative care of your skin, but also aid your body in overall healing and restoring wellness. 

When is the best time to do a face massage? 

You can start with a few times per week, but nightly as part of your nighttime routine is ideal. Why at night? When you massage your face at night, this gives your skin time to de-puff and be good to go for the morning, while also allowing your skin to repair properly while you sleep.

The best time during your skin care routine to do the massage is after applying your skin serum. 

Why the serum you use is important

The serum you use right before you perform your lymphatic face massage is just as important as the massage itself. 

When choosing a serum with ingredients that will penetrate your skin deeply and deliver nutrients deep into your skin, always opt for serum that is clean and toxin free. What’s the point of doing a toxin-removing massage, only to deliver even more toxins to the deeper levels of your skin? 

You may find our READY TO GLOW Botanical Recovery Face + Body Serum particularly useful as it contains beautiful quality botanical ingredients like Spirulina and Kakadu Plum extracts to soothe and nurture your skin.

This fast-absorbing, lightweight serum (which can be used all over your body) is full of moisturizing, protecting, and stimulating ingredients your skin needs. 

Spirulina and Kakadu Plum extracts are the standouts in this serum!

Spirulina Extract

Deep green in color, spirulina (maxima) comes from blue-green algae, a bacteria that thrives in fresh and saltwater. While some algae are toxic, Spirulina is not; in fact, it is an incredibly powerful and nutrient rich ingredient that has been used for centuries not only for health, but skin as well. Fatty acids in Spirulina (along with antioxidants in spirulina) help to fight off harmful free radicals in the skin and body which you may be exposed to throughout the day and can cause your skin to look rather dull or lifeless. Antioxidants in Spirulina also help to regenerate the cells in your skin, restoring its youthful glow and preventing wrinkles, discoloration and other signs of aging. Naturally antimicrobial, Spirulina is also useful in treating acne as it may kill off the acne-causing bacteria. 

Kakadu Plum Extract

A known skin brightener, Kakadu Plum extract is the pick-me-up your skin may be searching for. Useful for all skin types and complexions, Kakadu Plum extract is taken from (surprise surprise) the yellow-green Kakadu Plum, native to northwestern Australia and is about the size of a cherry. Incredibly rich in antioxidants, potassium, dietary fiber, and 55 times more vitamin C than an orange (yes, really!) Kakadu Plum extract goes a long way in reducing lines and wrinkles, keeping skin plump due to a boost in collagen it provides, as well as helping neutralize free radicals. Those with inflammatory skin conditions like acne or eczema will find this ingredient especially useful to do its high antioxidant levels; but it is ideal for all skin types. 

What tools do you need to do a lymphatic face massage?

Other than your fingers and your face serum, you just need a willingness to learn how to use the technique, and consistency to stick to it every night to see the benefits!

Some people do enjoy using a massage tool as part of their massage ritual, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with this. A few tools we recommend are gua sha stones or jade rollers.

Gua sha is specifically a great option as it is made to contour your face perfectly during a massage. Daily massaging with a gua sha may help to tone and sculpt your face shape, prevent wrinkles, improve circulation and collagen production. When shopping for an authentic gua sha tool, there are a few things to keep in mind. Gua sha tools are made from real stone and crystal; often rose quartz, jade, or blue sodalite. The knockoffs are usually made from plastic, glass, or other materials made to look like stone or crystal. These fake gua sha tools offer no benefit to your skin and are very easy to spot as they’ll be sold at a lower price point, are light to hold, may break easily, and most telling - because they’re not made of real crystal, they will not be cool to the touch. 

You may also choose to go with a jade roller, but because most people just rub them back and forth on their skin, the lymph doesn’t actually go anywhere along the lymphatic pathways, making it quite useless.

Whether you use a gua sha tool or your fingers though, you can’t go wrong as long as you’re actually doing the massage correctly and consistently.

What are the steps to do a lymphatic face massage at home?

Now that you know why lymphatic massage is so beneficial for your skin, you’re probably eager to do it, aren’t you! 

If you’d like to lay back and relax, you could always go see a trained esthetician to help you with a lymphatic massage, but this is definitely not necessary, you can do it right in the comfort of your own home too!

Below you can find a helpful diagram showing you how to perform a lymphatic face massage yourself. Remember, before starting any lymphatic massage, consult your physician if you have any health concerns.

lymphatic drainage massage diagram 


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