Our Team - Kasia

Hi, I'm Kasia! I'm the CEO of Rustic MAKA and the stinky sister that started it all...

This embarrassing problem has been a blessing in disguise. Creating something that worked in tune with my body was the end of a very unhealthy relationship with my conventional antiperspirant and the beginning of something greater than I ever imagined. This unusual journey led me to Rustic MAKA.

I wear many hats throughout the day. I’m the voice when you call customer service, I process your orders, I brainstorm with our demo and sales team. I love every minute of what I do. My day usually starts with getting my boys off to school, processing orders and a chat (or 15) with my sister Monica about what’s on the marketing agenda. I spend the day growing the relationships with our amazing team and working towards one goal – spreading the love for a wholesome life. The day ends with a family dinner, homework, a glass of wine, and sometimes…more work. I don’t mind the after hour grind when everyone is asleep. This is when I get to catch up on paperwork, search for new ingredients for future products or read an interesting article. This is the moment when I get to truly reflect on the day’s accomplishments and the privilege of sharing my passion for natural personal care.


Face your fears, take a chance, and the rest will work itself out.



Hi, there! I'm Monica and I am the other sister and co-founder of Rustic MAKA.

I am the behind-the-scenes sister, the one that you will hardly see, but feel my presence in many aspects of our company. I share my love for creative arts and natural living through my work. From marketing, social media and product labels to pictures from my garden, I thrive when I create. When Kasia approached me with the idea for Pachy deodorants, I knew my love for design and background in advertising were a perfect fit.

Today, my days are divided between taking care of my children and my role as chief marketing officer... and sometimes a hand model. I am always looking forward to introducing Rustic MAKA products to people who are searching for quality personal care. Sharing my sister's passion for wellness, I hope to not only provide everyone with safe and healthy products but also to set new standards in the beauty industry.


If I am what I eat, then sometimes I am sushi.



Hi! I'm Alex and I'm the other, other sister.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Michigan State University, it was an obvious choice for me to step in and join Rustic MAKA. With the quick growth of the company, my sisters needed an extra hand with writing and graphics. I knew it was a great opportunity to dip my foot in the pool of entrepreneurship, while doing something I love.

By combining the knowledge I gained from MSU with my real-life experience, I am able to seamlessly provide thoughtful input on a variety of topics from natural beauty solutions, healthy homemade cooking, and wholesome living. Through working in many different aspects of marketing, I bring a unique perspective to the company and creative eye to the table.


"Without Alex, our lives would basically be meaningless." - I swear I heard my sisters say that...  



Witaj! I'm Anna and I'm the MAKA mom.

When I moved to the United States from Poland years ago, I took my love for holistic medicine and my heritage with me. Utilizing simple ingredients to battle ailments and to maintain a healthy body didn’t change when I came to the U.S. Instead of filling my cabinet with only conventional medicine, I also gathered natural ingredients to keep my family healthy and happy.

Taking the easy way out and giving way to faster solutions isn't always better. With the best intentions for my family, I trust my experience and my roots to cultivate an efficient and clean home environment. By using holistic solutions, I know I provided my daughters with knowledge and inspiration to take nature's gifts and create simple and effective products.


"Our mom is undoubtedly the heartbeat of Rustic MAKA." - Kasia, Monica & Alex


Even though the four of us are at the forefront of our company, without the rest of our amazing team, Rustic MAKA would not be on the path it is today. We are forever grateful for every person who took a leap of faith with us and joined our mission to spread awareness for better personal care. Thank you.