Growing up in Poland in the 80's wasn't easy. Very early on Kasia and Monica learned, first-hand, what it means to live simply. Without always having the access to mainstream beauty and hygiene products, their mom, Anna, taught them to make do with what they had. She used potato starch and water solution to soak dry hands. She put sour milk on sunburned skin and used active yeast to make hair soft and silky. When their sister Alex was born, Anna used chamomile water to soothe her sensitive skin. They learned to take nature’s gifts and use simple remedies to battle many bodily ailments.

growing up green and natural




After moving to the United States, the lessons from the past combined with the passion for organic and wholesome products became their way of life. Yet, as natural products became available on the market, many of them failed to perform. They were also not always convinced that these companies were truthful with their 'natural' claims or had their best interest at heart.

Their first product, Pachy natural deodorant, was the result of Kasia’s personal experience and giving up on what's out there. She needed something simple and good for her, but at the same time it needed to work. With her mom's guidance and recalling lessons from the past, she spent countless hours researching just the right ingredients and cooking batch after batch in the family kitchen. When she realized she had something that truly delivers results, her sister Monica joined her on this journey and Rustic MAKA was born. Over the years, with help to perfect the recipe, they now have an effective product filled not only with great ingredients, but also pride and joy. With lots of hard work and utilizing gifts from nature, Pachy deodorants became products loved by many and are available across the U.S. and beyond.

Using the less is more approach, they continue to pursue their passion to create simple and effective personal care solutions while paying tribute to their roots, proving that you don't need a lot of complicated ingredients to have great products that actually work.


lessons from the past about natural body care

Rustic MAKA team