We’re noticing the first buds emerging on the trees and making their way up through the soil, and it’s staying light a little later with each week that rolls by. Yes, Spring is in the air and we couldn’t be happier!

With this season of renewal upon us, why not bring some life into those pampering rituals you love so much. Instead of a quick shower, why not turn up the heat and enjoy an in-home sauna? Or why not whip up a DIY recipe for baby soft skin?

We know you may love treating yourself to those long spa sessions at your favorite salon, but you deserve just as much pampering when you aren’t able to get to the spa. 

In today’s article we will share 5 of our favorite Spring beauty rituals to refresh and renew your skin as much as it does your mind!

1. Flush toxins while getting your massage on

If you have never used a facial tool after applying your serum then you are in for a real treat!

Gua Sha and Jade rollers are two tools that will help you to enjoy a beautiful massage with some serious skin benefits. These two Chinese massage practices help to stimulate blood flow, which in turn promotes the formation of collagen for youthful, more luminous skin. They help to stimulate lymph flow, which in turn aids in flushing toxins from the skin while de-puffing areas like those annoying under-eye bags. 

Pair your facial tool with our gorgeous NURTURE Balancing Serum to aid in absorption of the nutrients deep into your pores. 

2. Try a DIY facial 

    Who said you can’t enjoy a facial at home? You just need the right products!

    exfoliate cleansing scrubThis excellent exfoliator will ensure your complexion feels like it is fresh from a spa appointment! Our multi-functioning EXFOLIATE Cleansing Scrub will allow you to enjoy an indulgent experience and the powerful cleansing and exfoliating ingredients will leave your skin feeling supercharged and ready for the new season!

    3. Transform your shower into a sauna

      Another excellent way to enjoy a full body detox is to treat yourself to a sauna, and if you have a shower then you have everything you need to create your own sauna at home!

      The steam will help to boost blood circulation, flush toxins and relieve stress so you feel wonderfully renewed and invigorated. Be sure to drink lots of water!

      4. Give your hands some love too

        Frequent hand washing can cause your hands to feel parched and it’s not a good feeling when you hear your skin scraping against any kind of material! That’s a scream for help (or moisture) in our opinion.

        DREAM CATCHER LotionWhy not treat your hands to a deeply hydrating and soothing moisture treatment with our DREAM CATCHER Daily Moisturizing Lotion and a warm towel. Simply slather on a generous layer of our silky lotion onto clean hands and slip them into a warm towel for several minutes. The moisture will enhance absorption of our luxurious oils and Sal butter, and your hands will feel smoother and softer than ever before!

        5. Whip up a DIY body scrub with these three simple ingredients

          There’s nothing better than treating yourself to a head to toe sugar scrub - most of us have sugar sitting in our pantry after all!

          All you’ll need for this scrub is sugar, an oil of your choice such as coconut or olive, and an essential oil you love. You could also skip the essential oil and add 2 heaped tablespoons of cocoa for a delectable chocolate scrub or a splash of freshly squeezed orange, the choice is all yours! Keep it in the fridge for up to a week and take it out whenever your skin needs a little extra TLC!

          We hope these rituals inspire you to get creative with them in your own home. A regular pampering session is good for quieting the mind and soothing your skin!



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