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Here’s Exactly How Your Underarms Keep You Healthy!

It’s true that most of us don’t give much thought to our underarms; they’re hidden away most of the time, so why would you?

But this neglected area does much more for your body than you may realize. 

When you think of this area as something that can help to improve your health and general well-being, you naturally feel more motivated to give it some extra love and care. 

By properly cleansing and detoxifying your pits, you will not only enjoy less of the common underarm woes such as razor burn and irritation, but you will start to feel a whole lot better as your body finally flushes out accumulated impurities as it was meant to do. 

Keep reading for some of our top reasons for loving your underarms!

The way you take care of your underarms is truly empowering

Guess what?

You and you alone have control of your body and how you take care of it, including your pits!

You can shave and grow them; why not even dye them a trendy color if you’d like? When you are in control and get to decide what feels right for you,  authentic empowerment and our pits allow us this freedom.

So, rock them however you choose to! We are cheering you on!

Lymph nodes expel toxins and boost immunity.

Your underarms do more for your body than you may realize, as they are full of lymph nodes.

Your lymphatic system is an entire network in your body, responsible for aiding the body in flushing out certain toxins.

An armpit detox will help remove dead skin build-up in this area, allowing impurities to start flowing out of your body through your sweat glands. 

An armpit detox may sound complicated, but it truly is as simple as proper exfoliation, cleansing, and making the switch to a deodorant designed to support this area and the health of your body. Here are some great tips to help you make the switch and to show you what to expect during the temporary transitional period. 

We recommend a gentle massage before applying your deodorant to stimulate your lymph nodes. Just one or two minutes is more than enough, especially if you do it daily.

Our pits keep us cool

Sweating is designed to cool us down and prevent overheating. As the sweat is allowed to evaporate, it regulates the temperature, thus cooling the body.

cooling sweat for healthy underarms

Stress sweat differs from regular sweat, though this article may help you understand it better and how to manage it effectively. 

We hope this post has helped you to fall a little in love with your underarms and has inspired you to show them the love they (aka you) deserve!


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