It’s no secret that we all want (and deserve!) to smell good throughout the day, every day. However, smelling good comes down to more than a quick spritz of perfume. Clean feeling all-over is a multi-layer job that begins in your shower and results in skin that smells fresh as a daisy and you feeling wonderfully confident.

Here are our top tips to smell your absolute best!

Shower with a natural soap bar for a clean base

You want to start with clean, healthy skin and what better way to achieve this than with a natural soap bar designed to fight those pesky odors? This thorough cleanse will ensure you stay fresh longer as it creates a clean base to apply perfumes, deodorants and lotions. 

First things first! Before you get to work slathering in your silky lotions and applying perfume to your pulse points, be sure to show your pits some love with a deodorant that balances your perfume scent of choice. Find your favorite scent with this Scent Guide.

Choose a perfume that complements your body chemistry

Have you ever purchased a perfume that smelled absolutely heavenly on your friend or on the spritzer card, only to spray it on yourself and find that it smelled completely different? Or perhaps it started off smelling good, only to dissipate into odd scent as the day wore on? Blame it on your body chemistry!

There’s no concrete evidence as to why perfume molecules react differently on different skin types, but there is no denying that it is a simple fact. The exciting thing is that once you do find a scent that sticks (literally!) it may not be easy for someone else to steal the scent for themselves!

Here’s an interesting study that reveals a surprising subconscious factor that influences fragrance choices…

We recommend picking out a few different scents and then experimenting with them all until you find the winner. Your nose will lead you and then you need to see what your skin prefers. Apply to your pulse points for maximum impact. Be sure to opt for something natural, scented with essential oils for all the aromatherapy perks!

Moisturizing with your favorite scented lotions

Layering a gorgeously smelling lotion may be just what you need to smell wonderful all day long. Our Daily Moisturizing Lotions have fresh, happy scents that will lift your spirits as the rich butter and oils get to work sealing moisture in, while boosting hydration in your skin.

Apply these fresh out of your bath or shower while your skin is still slightly damp for optimal absorption. 


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