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Body Cream for Dry Skin, Q ‘n A: You Asked, We Answered!

When the weather cools down, one topic we get asked frequently about are body creams. How to use them, are they essential, and what can they do for your skin? 

We also get asked about the differences between body creams and body lotions, a point of much confusion. 

We decided to put everything in one place and address all your top questions in this article, where you will learn everything you need to know about body creams and lotions, and you’ll feel quite the guru by the time you reach the end!

Be sure to spread the love with your friends and family because no one deserves dry, scaly skin!

What are the best natural skin care tips for dry skin? 

Dry skin is a drag, there is no way to sugarcoat it, and when the temperatures start to dip, dry skin is par for the course, unfortunately. 

The humidity is sucked out of the air as the cooler weather settles in, which sucks the moisture right out of your skin, leaving it dry, itchy, and uncomfortable. 

Then just when you think you’ve escaped the cold, you’re confronted with artificial heating (which we are immensely grateful for!) but which does take quite a toll on your skin, as it also pulls moisture right out of your pores. 

Before adding some moisture back, first, you want to be sure to slough away dead skin cells so your skin can drink it up!

rough dry patches

Enjoy a head-to-toe full body exfoliation with our TIME TO EXFOLIATE Charcoal Scrub that will leave your skin baby soft. Be sure to rinse with lukewarm water, avoiding the hot setting as hot water strips the skin of natural moisture. 

Your skin will now also readily absorb your follow-up body creams!

How to use body creams?

Apply to clean skin. Think right after the shower when your skin is still damp to seal moisture. You want to gently massage your cream into your skin in gentle, circular motions to stimulate blood flow for an instant rosy glow, increased collagen production, and increased absorption. 

Thicker creams are best applied at night before bed, don’t forget about areas that need special attention, such as rough skin on the elbows, knees, and heels.

We highly recommend one of our creams TAKES TWO TO MANGO CreamSPIRIT SISTER Cream, or TOASTED COCONUT Cream.

Is it ok to use body creams on my feet?

Absolutely! The skin on our feet is thicker and can quickly turn thick and scaly (the crocodile look is never in!), so be sure to slather your body cream on your feet too! Apply your cream at night for spa-like results, and cover with a pair of soft cotton socks. Your feet will thank you in the morning.

Here are some fabulous foot scrub recipes to address various foot woes that you may like to try before slathering on your cream!

What do body creams help with? 

Body creams have many benefits, from nourishing the skin, improving skin texture, and leaving the skin healthy and radiant!

They are thicker than a body lotion, but we will get to that in the next question!

What is the difference between body cream and body lotion? 

Creams are thicker, formulated with oils, ideal for sealing in moisture, creating a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss through the pores. They are especially beneficial during Fall/Winter when the dry air draws water out of your pores and are great to use at night so they can work their magic while you sleep. 

Lotions are more lightweight than body creams, with high-water content, so they are easily absorbed. They are lovely for adding beautiful hydration and are best to use in the morning. 

What is the best body cream to tone and firm dry skin? 

Any of our CREAMS are brimming in antioxidants and fatty acids to fight free radicals and deliver a deep dose of skin protection. 

We have included Shea butter in their formula, a beautifully rich butter to instantly protect, and relieve dehydrated skin and improve the skin’s elasticity. 

How often should I use body cream, and when should I apply it? 

We recommend applying a body cream daily in harsh weather during the cooler months, after a shower in the evening, to allow the cream to nourish the skin overnight.


We hope this article has helped to clear things up and answer your most common questions. If you have any more, do be sure to share them with us. 

A daily body cream can transform your skin and leave it healthy and luminous no matter how gloomy the weather is!


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