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Pamper Dad This Father’s Day with Natural Skincare for Men

Who says dad doesn’t love getting pampered as much as mom? While he may appear a little more stubborn and even downright refuse to admit it, just leave a nice smelling soap in the shower or a body scrub and we can bet, dad’s going to use it! And he’ll end up enjoying it too!

Fun beauty treatments are a great way to bond with dad this Father’s Day and help him relax and unwind. If you plan it all out how can he really refuse? He will end up feeling totally chilled out and he may ask if it could become a regular thing! 

We want you or your child to have a fun day with their dad, no matter the age, so in this article we have it covered from child to adult! Just add your or your child’s unique twist and show dad how much you care!


Children, before they reach that self-conscious tween phase, are usually full of excitement and ready to make Father’s Day dad’s best day ever! 

Here are some really cute, crafty Father’s Day gifts that are super fun to make and dad will love the creativity and thoughtfulness that was put into it. It’s a great way to set the tone for the day, leading up to the fun pampering sesh a little later on.

Dad and kids can wear comfy robes, fluffy slippers and sip on fruit juice while they whip up this really easy avocado and oatmeal face mask that will leave their skin soft and smooth! It’s fun to make and even more fun to apply, you really can’t go wrong!


Teens may want to do things a little more sophisticated and that’s okay!

Teens and dads will love our PURIFY Exfoliating Mask that will help to keep teen skin clear while helping to keep dad’s skin free from those pesky ingrown hairs he may struggle with. 

While the mask sets, why not have fun by soaking your tootsies in warm water scented with one of our bath bombs that will help feet feel soft as a baby’s bum! You might as well go all out and add some cooling cucumber slices over your eyes too!


You’re grown up now so why not treat you and dad to a pampering sesh, with a side of quality one-on-one time and maybe even some beer?

It’s not impossible to treat dad to a good facial and total relaxation all in a comfort of his home.

Start with our Charcoal + Clay Soap with mint and grapefruit scent. This one dad is sure to love and it will help to open up his pores and keep his skin clear and free from ingrown hair. 

Next, it’s time to deep cleanse the pores with our EXFOLIATE Charcoal Scrub before you both wind down and sip on your favorite beverage.

Show dad what luxury is all about by ending with our one of our beautiful body creams that will allow dad to understand why you love skincare so much!


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