Why Prebiotics In Body Care Are Important for Skin Health

Why Prebiotics In Body Care Are Important for Skin Health

Gut health is a big subject in the wellness community, and for good reason. When your gut microbiome is imbalanced, you may be at risk for all sorts of illnesses ranging from mild to severe.

One lesser talked about subject, but equally as important is the skin microbiome. Just like your gut, your skin microbiome can also become imbalanced, leading to an array of skin conditions which common skincare products possibly do nothing more than cover up - instead of getting to the root of the problem, initiate recovery, and thus returning your skin to homeostasis. In fact, your underarms can also become susceptible to that same imbalance, if not properly cared for.

But there are ways to repair this damage - namely through prebiotics which we will explore in this article. Before you can understand why the skin under your arms can benefit from prebiotics, it’s important we first understand the skin’s microbiome.

What is the function of your skin’s microbiome?

Your skin’s microbiome is the living ecosystem of microbes residing on your skin (the epidermis) responsible for keeping your skin healthy and balanced. There are good, bad, and neutral living microbes on your skin, each affecting every single person differently. 

The microbes on your skin (also known as skin flora, or bacteria) are determined by both the surface of your skin and the bacteria present. Depending on which microorganisms are there, you may experience various skin conditions or disorders. However, the better you take care of your skin by creating a thriving microbiome, the healthier your skin will be.

prebiotics for healthy underarms

A healthy microbiome is the first line of defense against germs, impurities, and other stressors that may affect your skin and overall health.

How do I take care of my skin’s microbiome?

Aside from the more obvious ways to keep your skin healthy like keeping it clean and protected (from UV rays, pollution, toxic ingredients, harsh household chemicals), taking care of your skin’s microbiome starts with an understanding of prebiotics and probiotics.

One of the healthy microorganisms that live in your skin (and gut) are called probiotics. They help keep your immune system healthy, synthesize certain vitamins, and protect against pathogenic microbes.

Prebiotics on the other hand, are the food source for probiotics, or the fertilizer if you will, facilitating growth of healthy microorganisms. Food sources like yogurt, fruits, and vegetables naturally contain prebiotics.

Topical prebiotics are also available, albeit lesser studied at the moment, but quickly gaining traction in the skincare community due to mounting evidence suggesting their benefit for improving your skin’s barrier function. Applying prebiotics to the skin not only helps to keep it balanced and younger looking, but also aids in reducing redness, dryness, and fight signs of aging

When searching for prebiotic skincare, it’s good to know what has been proven to aid in skin health. With that said, presence of ingredients on the product label like xylitol, rhamnose, inulin and fructooligosaccharides indicate possible prebiotics inclusion. Some prebiotics shown to be effective for feeding probiotics and keeping skin balanced might also be listed as plant extracts. These might include bananas, wheat bran, oats, flaxseed, baobab powder, and chicory root. 

Because a stable skin microbiome is good for everyone’s skin, we can all benefit from prebiotic skincare products; especially if you’re finding your skin either isn’t looking or feeling as healthy as it once may have been. Those with compromised skin barrier’s (skin conditions like irritation, sensitivity or eczema) and acne-prone individuals may especially benefit from products containing prebiotics. 

What about prebiotics for my armpits?

It goes without saying that just like the skin on your face, the skin under your arms (and all over your body, in fact) houses bacteria as well, good, bad and neutral. You may be interested to know that when you experience foul body odor, it’s not because of the sweat coming from your armpits, but rather because of the bad bacteria living underneath and feeding on your sweat. 

The delicate skin under your armpits is also affected by the hair follicles and the warmth, the ideal environment for microorganisms to thrive. The odor you produce will depend on the bacteria present in this area. Corynebacteria is one of these types of bacteria present under your arms. Deodorants work by making the environment inhospitable for the bacteria by creating a less favorable breeding ground.

There is, however, another way to control the odor under your arms and that is with prebiotics. Prebiotics control the good bacteria by providing it beneficial nutrients, thus balancing and strengthening skin’s microbiome.

Our BiodomePro Prebiotic blend contains unique properties from two powerful ingredients, chicory root and baobab powder. This unique blend supports good bacteria under your arms, keeping them healthy and reducing odor, all while controlling the bad bacteria, which cannot metabolize this specific prebiotic.

Chicory root

Chicory root is a perennial herbaceous plant of the dandelion family, and it has bright blue flowers. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and cooking but is perhaps best known as a coffee alternative since it has such a similar appearance and taste, but without the caffeine.

chicory root inulin

Prebiotic fiber, inulin, from the chicory root, helps to balance the skin’s microbiome under your arms and keep them free from foul odors. Scientifically proven, this prebiotic in our new prebiotic blend helps to also make the skin more resistant to bad bacteria growth by protecting it and strengthening its defenses. 

Chicory root is brimming in antioxidants and is wonderful for soothing and balancing your skin. It is ideal to combat unpleasant body odor as it feeds and strengthens the skin barrier.

Baobab fruit powder

Our wonderful Baobab powder is derived from the fruit of iconic Baobab trees in South Africa. Also referred to as the “tree of life” it is a true symbol of life on the African plains. The Baobab tree is found in mainland Africa, Australia, and Madagascar. 

Renowned for their longevity, some of these ancient trees have lived up to an incredible 1000 years. Their bark has been used for ages to produce rope and clothing and they hold large amounts of water, ideal during times of drought, making them known as incredibly nourishing. 

Baobab powder is a true super ingredient with many skin benefits thanks to its rich concentration of nutrients, including Vitamin C, potassium, and calcium to name a few. One of these benefits is to help boost collagen to support the skin. 

Very high in prebiotic fiber, Baobab fruit powder is another powerful ingredient in our prebiotic blend and goes a long way in supporting the skin and feeding your underarm microbiome. Italian researchers at the University of Ferrara found that Baobab fruit powder significantly increased two of three major bacterial groups with only a small amount of powder needed.


Our prebiotic deodorants are a great place to start your journey into prebiotic skin care! Soon you might be able to experience the benefits of our unique BiodomePro, in our range of deodorants that supports and balances your skin’s microbiome and deliver even more odor control through controlling and nourishing delicate underarm skin.

prebiotic deodorantsThis range is ideal for anyone looking for extra odor protection and is suitable for all skin types!


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