Adaptogens to reduce stress

3 Holistic Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Stress

As much as we hate to admit it, stress is an inevitable part of life, and if we don’t find ways to manage it, it can leave us completely overwhelmed. 

So many of us wait until the point of burnout before realizing, “Hey, I need to give myself a break!” 

But wouldn’t it make more sense to be taking time for yourself daily so you can avoid getting to that point of complete and utter mental and physical exhaustion? 

Of course, we know you may be very busy, and taking chunks of time out of your day may not be an option. Well, that’s where we come in!

In this article, we will share some of our top holistic lifestyle tips to manage stress daily for long-term stress relief. All of our tips are easy enough to incorporate into your busy life, and if you have additional time, simply adjust as needed. Always be sure to find what works for YOU!

So, clear the next few minutes from your schedule, brew a soothing cup of tea (lavender and passionflower are favorites around here), and get reading!

Don’t dismiss the power of deep breathing

Sounds cliché, but hear us out. Deep breathing has more benefits for your body than you may realize, far beyond simply helping you to feel a little more relaxed during a more stressful moment. 

Deep belly breaths help to stimulate lymph flow throughout your body, which is essential for ensuring your body flushes out accumulated toxins on a regular basis. 

This will help you to feel calmer and more at ease, and it will help to improve digestion too; a healthy gut is a key to a healthy mind and a healthy body!

If that’s not enough, a regular deep breath practice will also help to flush out toxins that may have manifested as skincare woes, so your skin will love you for this new daily ritual too!

When it comes to deep breathing it’s actually all about the exhale, more than the inhale! Read this to see what we mean and to learn how to make sure you are breathing correctly. 

Start adding adaptogens into your life

The herbal equivalent of synthetic pharmaceuticals, adaptogens, will help your body better handle stress, no prescription is needed!

stress reducing vegan golden milk with turmeric

Adaptogens are stored in your body and released when your body encounters stress and releases a flood of stress hormones as a result.  

Adaptogens then come out to counteract the negative effects of stress; putting out the fire if you will. 

One of the simplest adaptogens that you probably have in your pantry right now is turmeric! Try this delicious vegan golden milk recipe to reap the soothing benefits of this bright and powerful spice!

Make your skincare ritual your “me time”

We all wash our face and body and apply our skincare products daily, so no matter how busy you are, why not make this morning and evening routine time for yourself where you can truly relax and unwind? 

Spend a few more minutes massaging in your body lotion and serums or treating yourself to a DIY facial massage, you’ll be amazed at what a long way these few extra minutes can go every day. 

Application of body lotion

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We hope you start making yourself a priority in your life because you won’t believe how things start to change for the better!


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