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Dry skin is always a hassle, but when the temperatures drop, and the air becomes bitter and cold, that’s when dry skin becomes more than a mild annoyance.

This is not only embarrassing (ever tried applying foundation to flaky skin?) it can be very uncomfortable too as it itches and cracks causing skin that may bleed and be at risk of infection.

While happy, hydrated skin starts on the inside, the products you apply topically play a major role as well, especially in the bitter, frigid temperatures.

Today, we are sharing best products to use for dewy, moisturized skin from head to toe!


A moisturizing cream will become your best friend this chilly season and you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life!

MOISTURIZE Deep Hydration Cream is a non-greasy cream that absorbs almost instantly and is a perfect base for makeup or to balance moisture during the night. Pair the cream with a regular exfoliating step with a gentle face scrub, like our EXFOLIATE Cleansing Scrub, for even more smoother touch

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PRO TIP: Show your skin extra love with patting your cream in instead of rubbing it in. Your skin loves this subtle, yet tender touch.


Serums are oil based and therefore, more concentrated. They often contain active botanicals that sink deep down into the pores providing unrivaled nourishment and targeting your major skin care concerns.

Our NURTURE Balancing Serum is just what your parched skin has been craving. Beautiful blooms of Calendula and Chamomile will soothe and repair while powerful plant-based oils will infuse the skin with vitamins to keep it glowing, hydrated and perfectly balanced.

PRO TIP: Always apply your serum fresh from your shower when your skin is still slightly damp to allow for better absorption and to help lock in moisture.


You cannot go wrong with highly nourishing plant oils and active botanicals when it comes to keeping your skin smooth and moisturized.

Our Daily Moisturizing Lotions lock hydration in for soft, supple skin as creamy formula absorbs almost instantly. These multitasking moisturizers contain a unique base of Sal butter, which contains Squalane, known to boost hydration and regenerate skin. 

PRO TIP: Keep a bottle of your favorite scented lotion on your nightstand for easy to remember routine that keeps your skin happy and glowing.

Ditch the conventional, toxin-filled products and treat yourself to natural, plant-based creams, serums and lotions to infuse your skin with plant nutrition for real, visible and long-term results so you can feel embraced by moisture all season long! 



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