picture of a woman holding charcoal deodorant near her armpit

5 Natural Deodorant Tips

Keeping happy and fresh all day with natural deodorants might be just a few tips away! 
  1. Lose the Old Habits
    Swiping up and down multiple times might have been necessary with your old antiperspirant, but with natural deodorants, moderation is the key. Remember that each person is unique, so finding the correct number of swipes that work with your body is crucial. Those with shaven underarms might need a different number of swipes to stay fresh throughout the day as opposed to the women and men with underarm hair. Over-applying deodorants may lead to slow drying time, thus creating an environment where the excess product will stain your favorite shirt. No one wants that.

  2. Don't Give Up Just Yet
    The detox phase can affect anyone with the initial switch from traditional antiperspirants to natural deodorants. Whether you see more than the usual amount of sweat on your shirts or the stink starts to come through mid-day, your body might purge impurities and build-up. Now that you’ve allowed your sweat glands to breathe properly, you need to give it time for your body to catch up. If you are struggling to get through the detox phase, add simple cleansing and exfoliating steps to help ease this transition while providing a clean, daily routine for your underarms. Visit our Underarm Detox: Making a Clean Switch page to learn more.

  3. Know the Difference Between Underarm Rash and Detox
    If you are experiencing underarm discomfort or visible signs of irritation or rash, this is your body’s way of telling you something is not working right. While detox symptoms will vary from excessive sweating and smelling more than usual, ignoring signs of underarm rash with the hope of “getting through the detox phase” may lead to more significant problems. Check out our Armpit Irritation and Rashes page for more.

  4. Apply Your Deodorant In the Morning
    The nightly application might have been your go-to when using traditional antiperspirants, which work by clogging sweat ducts, thus preventing moisture from surfacing. This allowed antiperspirants to soak in properly to be the most effective. However, natural deodorants work on the skin’s surface by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria that thrive in the presence of sweat. Unless you have a reason not to be stinky at night, there is no added benefit of applying deodorant before you hit the sack.

  5. Try Different Scents
    We’ve all heard that “each body chemistry is different.” This cannot be more true for how your body reacts to different scents of natural deodorants. What works for someone else might not necessarily work for you. If you love the way the deodorant applies, but it makes your underarms smell weird, your body chemistry might not match that scent well. 


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