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Switching To Natural Underarm Deodorant Q ‘n A: You Asked, We Answered!

We couldn’t be happier to help anyone along their journey to embrace a healthier body through plant + mineral body products, including natural deodorant of course! We’re always listening to what you, our readers, and customers are asking and thinking and with that in mind, we put together the following Q ‘n A to help you in your quest for answers all about natural underarm deodorants!

Q: What's the best natural deodorant that you can buy?

Each one of us has a unique body chemistry and with that in mind, we couldn’t recommend just ONE best deodorant for everyone. The bacteria under your armpits for example, could be entirely different from the bacteria under someone else’s. And because bacteria (not sweat) is the reason for BO, this is also why we all smell differently when we sweat. 

Of course, we do not want to leave you hanging here, so take a look at our range below and see what you believe suits you and your pits best right now! We recommend testing different kinds until you find “the one” for you!

If you need effective odor protection with gentle application try our baking-soda free blends - available in a range of refreshing scents, including our Deo Duos, these are ideal for those with sensitive skin who still want a smooth glide and effective odor control. 

If you are switching from antiperspirant or sweat often - our extra strength formula is going to be the best choice! Available in two delicious scents, Takes Two To Mango, and Luna Bliss, the triple odor-neutralizing power of magnesium + charcoal + zinc ricinoleate is what makes these two a powerful choice for active individuals, or those needing extra odor protection. 

If you need extra odor protection and skin nourishing - for ultimate odor protection and skin care, our BiodomePro™ prebiotic blend helps to balance and nourish skin’s microbiome. This is important because a healthy microbiome is the first line of defense against germs, impurities, and other stressors that may affect your skin and overall health!

Q: Do natural deodorants work?

Unlike conventional deodorants which block your skin from sweating, natural deodorants work to balance your skin by addressing the bacteria that lives on it. Key ingredients, like magnesium or zinc ricinoleate, help trap or break down the odor causing bacteria that are feasting when you sweat.

Q: Are natural deodorants actually effective?

Yes! Natural deodorants are effective against body odors! Unlike antiperspirants which block your sweat by blocking the pores with aluminum-based compounds, natural deodorants work to neutralize odors by addressing the bacteria that lives on the skin. Just like your skin takes time to adjust to new skincare products, or your body to healthier food choices - the same applies when you switch to natural deodorant. Don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t seem to “work” right away.  Your body is simply adjusting, and it might take some time. 

Q: Do natural deodorants have a strong smell?

Each person is different with different preferences to the strength of the scent. From unscented to strong, we offer a wide range of scents. Descriptions of scents are always by each product to best find what you like!

Q: Does non-antiperspirant deodorant really 'deodorize'?

Yes, non-antiperspirant deodorant does really ‘deodorize’ and help you smell good! It works by neutralizing the bacteria found under your arms (which are actually the reason for body odor, not the sweat) in a natural way with ingredients like magnesium and zinc ricinoleate. When the bacteria is neutralized, you naturally smell less, and your BO is not as strong. Of course, the natural scents in our deodorant help to give your pits a refreshing scent too!

Q: What deodorant does not cause skin rash?

Because the body chemistry varies from person to person and with many different types of rashes, from heat rash to allergies, this might be a trial and error for those with sensitive skin. We recommend always checking ingredients for any possible ingredients that you already know you are sensitive to, then starting with our SoothingCare™ or BiodomePro™ Prebiotic ranges.

Q: What is the best deodorant for sensitive armpits?

Start with our SoothingCare™ or BiodomePro™ Prebiotic deodorants. They’re gentle, offer smooth application, and work to nourish the skin under your pits.

Q: How many swipes of deodorant should I use?

With plant + mineral deodorants, less is more. Because they are very concentrated, we recommend 1-3 swipes or alternatively 2 taps under each armpit. Each person is different so you need to experiment as to what works for you, without loading the underarm with too much product which might lead to unwanted staining!

Q: Which deodorant lasts longer?

For longer odor protection we recommend going with Fresh+Active with triple odor-neutralizing power of magnesium + charcoal + zinc ricinoleate. Alternatively, a probiotic line, BiodomePro™ Prebiotic, offers extra odor protection along with skin nourishing ingredients.

Q: What's the best and longest lasting deodorant for men?

Our deodorants are unisex and offer odor protection for both men and women. We offer scents that are not floral that men might prefer like Ocean Breeze or Mystic River, but we encourage trying scent options to find what you like because you never know.

Q: Do unscented deodorants really work?

Yes, they still contain all the odor-controlling ingredients to battle body odor, just without any added scent!

Q: What is the best deodorant to stop sweating?

Sweat is your friend to cool you down and expel toxins, however if you’re looking for some sweat control, try Fresh+Active with triple odor-neutralizing power of magnesium + charcoal ( which act like a sponge) + zinc ricinoleate.

Q: What is the best deodorant for not staining clothes?

Stained clothing can be a pain! But the best practice to avoid stained clothes is simply to not overapply. Keep your application to 1-3 swipes or 2 taps!

Q: How to prevent underarm stains?

Back to not overapplying. Less is more! 

Q: What are the benefits of aluminum-free deodorant?

So many! Aluminum-free deodorant allows your sweat glands to breathe, and does not clog your sweat glands! When your sweat glands are not clogged, they function as they’re supposed to by expelling excess waste and bacteria through water from your body, and regulating your body temperature. Ingredients in aluminum-free deodorant also help to soothe your underarms and promote healthy pits!


Did we get through all the questions you had? If something else comes to mind, leave feel free to reach out to us at any time!


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