picture of magnesium deodorant and baking soda deodorant

Natural Deodorant Options - Baking Soda vs Magnesium

Are you just starting on your natural body care journey? Have you tried making a switch but don’t know exactly what’s best for you or where to start?

Maybe you’ve tried natural deodorants in the past without much success but are determined to make the switch for good. In this article, we’re going to explore natural deodorant options.

Magnesium Natural Deodorants

The magnesium and zinc ricinoleate base work together to effectively yet gently neutralize body odor. Magnesium and zinc ricinoleate-based deodorants are gentle to apply, especially in cooler climates, and are better for people with more acidic sweat.


If you need extra odor protection and skin nourishing - for ultimate odor protection and skin care, our BiodomePro™ prebiotic blend helps to balance and nourish the skin’s microbiome. This is important because a healthy microbiome is the first defense against germs, impurities, and other stressors that may affect your skin and overall health!


If you are switching from antiperspirant or sweat often - our extra strength formula will be the best choice! Available in two delicious scents, Takes Two To Mango, and Luna Bliss, the triple odor-neutralizing power of magnesium + charcoal + zinc ricinoleate makes these two a powerful choice for active individuals or those needing extra odor protection. 


If you need effective odor protection with a gentle application, try our baking-soda-free blends, available in a range of refreshing scents, these are ideal for those with sensitive skin who still want a smooth glide and effective odor control.

Ready to make the switch?

Even though many encounter no issues, the detox process can bring temporary effects of increased sweating and stronger body odor for those affected. During this period, your body begins purging itself of dead skin cells and other particles that have built up over the years. This can last as little as one week and generally not more than a few months.

If you’ve noticed an excessive sweat and stronger body odor, we’ve put together a few simple detox tips to help make the transition easier. Visit, Underarm Detox: Making A Clean Switch.



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